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Symphonica: Armand Van Helden with the MSO

Jamie Messenger is joining forces with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and international house music legend Armand Van Helden for the inaugural Symphonica concert this Australia Day weekend. Teaming up with fellow Australian composer Joe Twist, the two composers will be arranging for the 70 piece symphony orchestra his long list of house anthems including the likes of "U Don't Know Me," "My My My", "Bonkers (feat. Dizie Rascal) and his legendary remix of Tori Amos' "Professional Widow".

For tickets and further details click the image below.

I'm A Ghost Restrung

This is the new film clip for the Hilltop Hoods track I'm A Ghost Restrung which includes live footage from the Melbourne show as well as some behind the scenes shots from the Restrung tour. 

As well as composing all the orchestral and choral parts for the Restrung version, Messenger also wrote and played much of the original track it was based on.

Check out the footage of Jamie Messenger performing on keyboard with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Polyphonic Voices, Plutonic Lab on Drums and of course the Hilltop Hoods.